Cabochon Brooches/Pins


How many brooches or pins can you own-LOTS! These fun pins will make any outfit look complete as well as making you the “fashionista” everywhere you go. Wear the with sweaters,  blouses, shirts, on a coat or jacket. Any way you wear them, you will go in style.

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SF-74, SF-76, SF7-52, SF7-53, SF7-41, SF6-62, SF6-61, SF5-93, SF5-91, SF5-92, SF4-82, SF4-81, SF480, SF2-77, SF2-78, SF2-79, C-09, B4, C-07, C-08, OT-53, OT-52, 02-51, CAT-16, DF-33, MS85, BS-011, BS-01, BS-02, D-6, D-5, D-4, E-67, E-64, E-63, E-62, G-61, F-78, F-76, F-77, A-102, 101, 103, A3, S11, 12, 13, A1, C-201, C-301, C 203, C401, C205, C-209, C202, C210, C204, C206, C213, C241, C 215, C217, C208, C210, C217, C220, C221, C222, C223, C224, 131, MS81, 134, 1367, MS84, MS85, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 149, 145, 152, 146, 154, 148, 155, 157, CAT-16, 153, 147, DF33, 101, 150, 158

Pin base styles

A, B, C, D


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