Establish A Business Presence

With Corporate Apparel Embroidery

We know that presence is an important part of any successful business. Give your company a credibility boost with our corporate apparel embroidery. From totes to t-shirts, we will help you build your brand one stitch at a time. KVleck Designs leads by example when it comes to visibility. Along with our online fabric accessories store, we proudly sell our USA-made custom embroidery, screen printing and heat transfer designs at local Baltimore events. Come check us out!

Baltimore Events & Activities

We are a frequent participant at the Baltimore Farmer's Market on Saratoga and Holiday Streets on Sunday mornings from the first week in April until the last weekend before Christmas. We also participate in the Catonsville Festival in September and in the Bulldog Fun Day in April. As we entertain attending additional events, we will post the dates on the website or on our Facebook page.