Join KVleck Designs Competition

Win One of Three Giveaways

Using the piece of the puzzle, find the image that it goes with. The first five people who correctly identify the whole image which the puzzle image comes from will get one of three giveaways. The options will be randomly selected from either an embroidered waffle-weave hand towel, a cat or dog change purse or a window decal. The first person to correctly identify the image where the puzzle piece comes from will win an embroidered cap with the image of their choice. Winners will be notified by email and posted on my Facebook page.

This competition begins at 12 o'clock noon on July 28th and ends at 12 o'clock noon on August 4th.
Responses should be sent directly to our contact email at

Please note- this is a friendly competition between followers so do not stress out over the details. I will post many more competitions throughout the year and there will be lots of ways to score a free prize. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the dates and enter.