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This has been a crazy busy summer- getting the new website up and running and opening our new Etsy store. We kicked off the website with a week-long challenge which received lots of interesting entries and one winner. We are hoping to offer many more challenges in the upcoming months so everyone can have a chance to score some cool free stuff.
Unfortunately, very little colored pencil art has been done due to the unbelievable amount of time spent getting our new shops ready, However, now that the dust has settled, you can look for more great images coming through to the website. The State Fair is in September and once again, we will be exhibiting several pieces there. In addition, we have expanded our dog and cat images for custom embroidery and can now offer over 100 different cat and dog breeds.  If you are looking for a unique gift for a pet owner, check out some of the embroidered pets we have online in either our website @ or on


Finally, in the future, we will be posting articles of interest regarding embroidery including how embroidery prices are determined, what to look for when shopping for embroidery services, and what the process is like when an embroiderer works on a particular piece. We are always open to suggestions on topics you think are of interest.